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30 April, 2023
We are excited to announce that we have updated our personal finance tracking app! Now, in the free trial version, you can create up to...
28 April, 2023
It seemed to me that expenses such as coffee, prepared food, taxi rides didn't really affect the budget as a whole. But towards the end of the month, I would ask myself: where did the money go?
18 April, 2023
Managing personal finances is important, but it can be overwhelming. In this post, we'll discuss why using a calendar for personal finance is better than a simple list.
03 July, 2020
This means that the application is unable to access our server. Possible causes for this problem.
13 March, 2018
A small improvement that for unknown reasons had not yet been implemented is now available in Money Calendar.
23 November, 2016
A light improvement that allows disabling backing up your project or changing the number of backup files.
18 January, 2013
Have you ever experienced the situation when you have decided to buy something but have not decoded when you are going to do that? If you have, then you will probably like this new feature - keeping the buy wish list.

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